Churrasco [Victoria Island, Lagos] – Quick Review

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Churrasco [Victoria Island, Lagos] – Quick Review

"One who eats alone cannot discuss the taste of the food with others." - (African Proverb)

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We want you to know the best places to eat, drink, date and party. At IMovedBack, we are building a directory of restaurant reviews all over Africa. You will be able to search for a restaurant on our site and find out and decide if it’s worth your time. This is our first Quick Review.

Restaurant Name Churrasco
Day I went Sunday, April 2022
Time I went 7.30 PM
How full was it? 70%
Meal/Drink Prawn Suya
Garlic Naan
Butter Naan
Piña colada
Price paid Prawn Suya – ₦9,000
Garlic Naan – ₦1,800
Butter Naan – ₦1,600
Piña colada – ₦7,500
Presentation rating Prawn Suya – 5/5 as the circle bowl was ideal for this dish
Garlic Naan – 5/5
Butter Naan – 5/5
Piña colada – 3/5 – Nothing special
Taste rating Prawn Suya – 5/5
Garlic Naan – 5/5
Butter Naan – 5/5
Piña colada – 3/5
Portion rating Prawn Suya – 3/5 – even though the display was neat, there wasn’t that much suya for the price
Garlic Naan – 4/5 – it’s so tasty. I wish we got more
Butter Naan – 4/5
Piña colada – 5/5. This thing was so huge
Was what I first wanted available? Y
Service of restaurant rating 1/5 – It was as bad as it could get. We waited over 20 minutes to be served. They also forgot some of our food at the bar. They also took very long to get the bill.
Cleanliness of restaurant rating 3/5 – Nothing Special
Recommended for a date? 3/5 – Since the food tastes amazing, we do recommend this for a date
Are waterfront seats available? Y
Extra Comments If they can improve their service, this place has some of Victoria Island’s best-tasting food and menu options. The kitchen is open, which is probably why the food and cleanliness of the food are great.



  • The prawn suya and naan bread