Craving Asian food when in Lagos? Here are some options.


Craving Asian food when in Lagos? Here are some options.

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There is an abundance of places to eat local Nigerian food, but here are a few places you can get quality Asian food:

1. Shiro

Shiro is my favourite restaurant in Lagos. It is located in Landmark Village in Oniru. The food tastes so good. They do chicken suya and beef suya sushi rolls that are just delicious. When you eat it with hot chilly oil the next day, it’s even better. The restaurant itself is also gorgeous. There is an indoor area and also an outdoor area too. They are not cheap. It is ₦₦₦. For example, four chicken sushi rolls are ₦6,000. However, it’s certainly worth it. Here is a video of some food I have had there:

2. Prime Chinese

Prime Chinese is a 24hr restaurant located in VI. It has been around for over a decade. This is a good choice if you are looking for somewhere to eat after the club. I have lost count of the number of times I have left Prime Chinese when the sky is getting light, and the birds are chirping (shameful, yes!). It is cheaper than Shiro, and the food taste and quantity is decent. I have heard lately that the service is getting worse, so apply pressure on the waiters to provide your food on time. Here is a gallery of some of the food I have got from there, and the views from outside:

3. Izanagi

Izanagi is also in VI. It is above the popular club Velvett. I personally didn’t enjoy the food here, but you may have a better experience. Unfortunately, the service was not so great either.


4. Chai Tang

Chai Tang is located in Oniru, inside TwinWaters. It’s a beautiful restaurant, and the food tastes good. It was featured in the popular Netflix series King of Boys.

5. Woks by Blowfish

I’ve not been here, but I have also heard that the food is delicious here. So, once I go, I will update you on how it was.