Grey Matter Social Space [Victoria Island, Lagos] – Quick Review

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Grey Matter Social Space [Victoria Island, Lagos] – Quick Review

"One who eats alone cannot discuss the taste of the food with others." - (African Proverb)

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We want you to know the best places to eat, drink, date and party. At IMovedBack, we are building a directory of restaurant reviews all over Africa. You will be able to search for a restaurant on our site and find out and decide if it’s worth your time. This is our first Quick Review.

Restaurant Name Grey Matter Social Space
Day I went Monday, May 2022
Time I went 9.30PM
How full was it? Was inside the private room and there was 4 other people in there
Meal/Drink – Price Paid Boozy McBeef (Cognac infused sirloin strips served with french fries) – ₦7,000
Gobble Up (Peppered Turkey Cuts) – ₦5,500
Presentation rating Boozy McBeef – 3.5/5
Gobble Up – 3.5/5
Taste rating Boozy McBeef– 3/5. The meat was a bit tough, but it tasted ok. I didn’t enjoy the fries. Too chunky and not that much flavour.
Gobble Up – 4.75/5. The best tasting turkey I have had in this whole country. Only problem is that it had a lot of bones.
Portion rating Boozy McBeef– 5/5. It’s enough for at least 3 people to share.
Gobble Up – 2/5. This tasted so good, but it was only 4 pieces.
Was what I first wanted available? Yes. However, my friends wanted to buy Belvenie and Glenfiddich but they didn’t have it.
Service of restaurant rating 5/5
Cleanliness of restaurant rating 5/5 – the lounge was cozy and clean
Recommended for a date? 5/5 – Inside the lounge is good for a date, but it was freezing in there. So, I would go covered up. I wouldn’t go upstairs to the bar for a date though.
Waterfront seats available? No
Extra Comments There was an issue with the prices on the menu. The Singleton was ₦55,000 on the menu, but prices had recently been increased to ₦67,500 without telling us before ordering.


  • Boozy McBeef