HSE Gourmet [Lekki Phase I, Lagos] – Quick Review

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HSE Gourmet [Lekki Phase I, Lagos] – Quick Review

"One who eats alone cannot discuss the taste of the food with others." - (African Proverb)

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We want you to know the best places to eat, drink, date and party. At IMovedBack, we are building a directory of restaurant reviews all over Africa. You will be able to search for a restaurant on our site and find out and decide if it’s worth your time. This is our first Quick Review.

Restaurant Name HSE Gourmet
Day I went Friday, 29 April 2022
Time I went 8.45 PM
How full was it? 5%
Meal/Drink – Price Paid Asian Style Crispy Chicken Wings– ₦5,400
Sweet Potato Fries – ₦2,800
Quinoa Bowl – ₦6,000. With Chicken (₦8,600), With Prawns (₦10,400), With Salmon (₦13,800)
Penne Pasta – ₦8,200. With Prawns (₦9,900), With Chicken & Bacon (₦11,400), With Chicken & Prawns(₦12,600), Creamy Herby Sauce (+₦2,200)
Presentation rating Asian Style Crispy Chicken Wings– 4/5
Sweet Potato Fries – 4/5
Quinoa Bowl – 4/5
Penne Pasta – 3.5/5
Taste rating Asian Style Crispy Chicken Wings– 3.5/5
Sweet Potato Fries – 5/5. Their Chilli Jam was also 5/5.
Quinoa Bowl – 4/5 (I did not taste it)
Penne Pasta – 3.8/5. If you have it spicy, it tastes good, but it tastes basic at a low spice. There was barely any bacon in it though.
Portion rating Asian Style Crispy Chicken Wings– 2/5. Apparently, the wings we had are smaller than they usually are.
Sweet Potato Fries – 5/5. It’s enough for four people to eat a few each.
Quinoa Bowl – 4/5
Penne Pasta – 5/5. It’s over two portions.
Was what I first wanted available? No. They did not have the Duck Lasagne or Beef Pho.
Service of restaurant rating 4/5. There was a blunder where they gave my friend a 5/5 spice and gave me the 1/5 spice. Now, this is a blunder as he can’t have pepper because of his ulcer. They gave a complimentary Chapman to rectify it.
Cleanliness of restaurant rating 3/5. Nothing special, though the seats and chairs were a bit wobbly.
Recommended for a date? 2/5 – I wouldn’t want to go on a date here, but someone else might
Are waterfront seats available? N
Extra Comments The server was so pleasant.
  • Sweet Potato Fries & Crispy Wings