Looking for where to go out in Lagos? Use the Crawl app!


Looking for where to go out in Lagos? Use the Crawl app!

"As Africa's tourism industry begins to open up fairly quickly, CRAWL Africa was created to showcase the beauty of Africa, promote local tourism and bring businesses closer to their customers. Since our inception, we have gained thousands of active users and look forward to entering other markets. Africa’s first social Calendar App is here!" - Bukky George-Taylor (Cofounder of the CRAWL app)

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Lagos is the city that never sleeps. On a night out on Lagos Island, we tend to visit 2-3 different venues before going home. For the first year I was here, I found myself out Monday to Sunday for months at a time; I was really “Enjoyment Princessing”. Every week there is a new restaurant, bar, lounge and beach house that we flock to for enjoyment. When you are looking to go out but not sure where to go, I find using the Crawl app is the best option. Every IJGB visiting or just moving back should have this app on their phone.

What is the Crawl app?

In their own words. Crawl offers:

A handful of location-based suggestions for what to do or where to go during the morning, day time, evening and night, or let you browse by venue and event type to gain access to the top-rated events and venues ensuring an exclusive and personal experience for YOU.

It’s a mobile application available on the App Store and Google Play store. You can also follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

How do I sign up?

Once you have downloaded the app, you can either Login, Register or Continue as a guest.

If you continue as a guest, you will see the main dashboard, which covers Featured, Trending and other categories of venues. When you click on a specific venue, you can see their contact information, opening and closing time and call for transportation to the venue. The final image in the gallery shows what you see when you view the “Arts & Culture” list. uI genuinely learned about Art Twenty-One through the app and will undoubtedly be dragging a friend with me there this week.

If you register with the Crawl app, they ask for your preferences, and it takes a few days before they approve your application. Once approved, you have access to the app’s full features and can see upcoming events, get exclusive invites, and more.

Why do I like the Crawl app?

Firstly, they ask for your preferences and offer curated suggestions. This already goes the extra mile and makes the app not just a directory of venues. Secondly, they encourage users to recommend a place to their admin in-app. You can also save your favourite places, which will be extremely helpful as they continue to add more venues. They have a variety of offerings from restaurants, bars, art galleries, helicopter experiences, spas and more.

I do not doubt that the app will continue to expand. They are already looking to offer more cities and countries across Africa, including Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, etc. I would love one day to have more connect groups for hobbies where I can meet like-minded water babies. So that through the app, we could organize our jet-ski sessions together, but for now, the beach yoga sessions are a great start. I love me some of that too.

Who is behind the Crawl app?

CRAWL was founded by Bukky George-Taylor, Segun Aina, and Ezegozie Eze, Jr. Bukky George-Taylor is the CEO and Founder of Robert Taylor Media Ltd., a boutique communications and events company based in Lagos, Nigeria. She is the force behind some of the most extensive brand campaigns in the country.

She calls it Africa’s first social calendar app on a mission to revolutionize social experiences in Africa by presenting a collection of curated experiences for the discerning and upwardly-mobile African consumer.


“Finding information on where to go or contacting establishments in Nigeria and across Africa can be a chore. With no access to 411 or yellow pages in Africa, CRAWL provides you with all the accurate contact information to contact businesses and to tour your city”

So there you have it, elevate your social life in Lagos now and download the Crawl app.