Looking for places to go on a night out in Abuja?


Looking for places to go on a night out in Abuja?

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I really like Abuja. The roads are smoother than London roads, and the traffic is more bearable than in Lagos. The suya is the BEST in the world. That suya is life-changing. Whether it’s goat meat, beef, chicken, oh-my-days, that suya is LIFE. I always say when God said that the aroma of meat was pleasing when they were burning the sacrifices, he was talking about suya. Genesis (8:21).

Anyways, this is just a quick post for those in the city that have no clue where to go out. I will highlight three places that you may want to check out. Just bear in mind that Abuja is a ‘Politician’s playground’ as I like to call it. So, if you are a younger millennial, be prepared to be partying or being at the bar with your dad’s age mates in some places.

1. The Council

This place in Maitama is a little hard to locate (or maybe I was just slow). When you get to the British council, it is on the right, and you have to walk up a long flight of stairs, so ladies, if you have heels, beware. You get inside, and it is pretty large; there is space in front of you and to the left. The age group here is definitely your dad’s age mates with a few of his younger brothers (40-50s).

I last went in November 2020. The bartenders were pleasant, and the place was clean and very, very busy on a Saturday night. I didn’t order food, so I cannot review that. Here is their Instagram.

View from opposite the bar in The Council, Abuja

2. 3:45

This club is in Maitama. The day I first went here was funny. I was tired and ready to go home after having gone to two places before, but I was held at the mercy of my friend because he was the one with the driver, and there was a lockdown curfew of midnight with no Uber’s available. So there were like a hundred people waiting outside, some that I had seen at the previous venues. Then, suddenly, people started cramping heavily at some back door. Honestly, I was so confused, and as someone who has always hated crowds, I wasn’t really feeling it. Anyways, people were trampling people to get inside, so I was intrigued to see what was inside, and boy was it worth it!

Outside 3:45 club in Maitama, Abuja

345 has to be the nicest club I have been to in Nigeria. Zorya in Lagos then took the crown. This one is better though, it’s the right size, the attention to detail in the club is impressive. Please don’t go if you have epilepsy as the strobe lights are intense for even ordinary human beings. I’ll be honest that I can’t remember how good the DJ was, but I was just gassed off the whole vibe. I’ve seen many bottles of Ace of Spades delivered to tables in clubs in Nigeria, but this one was on a different level. This club is beautiful, full stop. Here is their Instagram.

Friday night inside 3:45 club in Maitama, Abuja

3. Bleu Fashion Lounge

I really liked this place. It is spacious. The DJ on the night was excellent. By excellent, I mean it wasn’t Nigerian-centric. I heard American music, both old and new, UK music too etc. The only problem I remember that I had with this place was the smoke. The combination of shisha, cigarette and cigar smoke is enough to give asthma to the healthiest person in the world. Especially when you come from an environment where people can’t smoke indoors. So, ladies, be prepared to leave here and have your hair smell like smoke – even if it’s natural.

Anyways, this might be another good place to enjoy. Here is their Instagram.

Friday night inside Bleu Fashion Lounge, Wuse 2, Abuja

This list is not exhaustive. There are many other places I did not include, such as Moscow Underground, Seven etc. However, I just wanted to give a few ideas if you need some places to go to and are not familiar with the city.