Why I use ClickUp to organise my life


Why I use ClickUp to organise my life

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People always ask me how I manage to juggle everything in my life. As an extreme 8w7, you will struggle to find someone that takes “Work Hard & Play Hard” more seriously than I do. So how do I balance 14-hour workdays and a very active social life? The answer is ClickUp. This blog post is not an ad. I would just like to share something that took my productivity to the next level.

What is ClickUp?

ClickUp’s slogan is ‘One app to replace them all’. This is precisely what they do, and they do it well in most areas. They describe their service as a:

An all-in-one suite to manage people, projects, and everything in between. Start for free! Stop switching between multiple tools. With ClickUp, manage everything in one platform. Agile Management. Time Management. Project Management. Up and Running in Seconds.

How do I use ClickUp?

There is so much you can do there that I won’t cover in this post, but I will try to explain how I use it.

  • You create a workspace. I have two for “My Life”, and the other is for my Startup. In the workspace for my Startup, I have added team members and assigned tasks to them.
  • You can create up to 5 spaces in a workspace. For example, in “My Life”, the picture on the left shows my 4 Spaces:
  • Under each space, you can add as many folders as you’d like. For example, in the picture on the left, under “Social”, I only have one folder, which reminds me to reach out to people because I am terrible at that.
  • Under each folder, you can then assign tasks to yourself and others
  • You can adjust the view of how you look at your tasks. Perhaps you want to see all of them as a chronological list, on the calendar (my preferred view), on the Kanban board, etc.
  • You can add documents to tasks.
  • You can automate tasks based on various criteria.
  • You can add time limits to tasks or record how long it took you to complete them.
  • You can create a dashboard to track your progress. For example, you can see here that I tend to fail many Spirituality tasks.

  • You can create goals and track them. For example, here is my “Toned Body” goal

  • The best part about ClickUp is that the features are mainly free. Since I have started using it last week, I have not paid for anything. I’m sure as my needs pickup for more organisation within my Startup, I will most likely upgrade to their Unlimited plan, which is $5 per member per month. They also have three other plans on top of this, and you can view their pricing information here.

This brief post did not even cover 10% of what can be done on ClickUp. So I encourage you to review their website or their Youtube channel to gain a clearer idea of how to boost your productivity and stay organised in a world full of constant distractions.